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There are many different advantages associated with emergency weather radios. Regardless of where you live, or the emergency conditions that you may be subjected to, weather radios have the capability of providing you with the detailed information that you need in order to preparing for situations...

 Everyone makes mistakes. We typically need to fail multiple times before succeeding at anything. I'll cover some of the top mistakes I see folks making in the preparedness community,.

 This is a list of things I do everyday to stay in tip top condition so that I can overcome whatever surprises the day has in store. Video From:.

 When disaster strikes, will your pets be ready? In this video, we'll discuss simple steps you can take now to ensure your pet's safety. Video From: City Prepping

 Chances are you don’t know everything there is to know to thrive in an emergency or SHTF scenario. There is also not enough time in the day to read and practice the things that we would need to know if things went awry. Having the...
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