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How to Safely and Effectively Store Food for Emergencies on a Budget

This article could be a lifesaver for you and your family if you haven’t prepared food or water in case of an emergency or catastrophe.

Is it the same reason or excuse that millions of other Americans have? The most popular reasons for procrastination are dread, aversion, and ignorance. People who bury their heads in the sand or live in cyber clouds are also common offenders. I totally forgot about the 60+ percent of respondents who believe there is no need to plan ahead of time. Do you worry about disasters? They can happen anywhere, but not in my backyard, and besides, I’ll deal with it when the time comes.

If you’re in the “not likely to occur” category, you’ve either been or still reside in the bush with no access to civilization. It’s no longer a question of what type of catastrophe will happen, but rather when it will occur. Many coastal residents interviewed by news reporters expressed doubt regarding the storm’s severity and the media’s stated urgency for them to leave their houses quickly. As I’m writing this article, Hurricane Harvey is sweeping over South Texas, and many coastal inhabitants interviewed by news anchors have expressed doubt about the storm’s intensity and the media’s reported urgency for people to depart immediately. It’s the exact same scenario as with Katrina’s prediction, with one exception: it resulted in over 1800 deaths.

The majority of Americans are unaware of the numerous impending calamities that have nothing to do with typical weather patterns, such as hurricanes, tornados, rain and snow storms, floods, and even droughts. Earthquakes are on the rise throughout the nation, with tremors felt from all major fractures. On a 400-square-mile region of one of the world’s largest dormant volcanos, Yellowstone National Park experiences over 400 tremors each day. Now, according to volcanologists, not so dormant. Most of this data is hidden or suppressed to avoid panic in the affected areas. According to the experts, such as the fact that Mount Rainier is also erupting and swelling as did Mt. St. Helen before its eruption, however, it will be five times more devastating due to the lava cork keeping back a potential early eruption. A super-eruption that could destroy life on Earth is being studied. In April 1990, the United States Geological Survey released an animation of a possible global catastrophe, and a similar documentary about the possible demise of Yellowstone’s super volcano was produced by National Geographic.

The San Andres Fault is one of the most notorious seismic threats to millions of people in California. However, a discovery has taken precedence. The New Madrid Fault is not a new discovery to geologists who have studied the region around the Mississippi and Ohio rivers for decades. Extreme activity in recent times has caused such an alarm that the potential for devastation may be ten times greater than the San Andres Fault. The US Navy has created new water navigation charts of the United States based on geologic expectations, including a shipping route from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Michigan following the current path of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

Why aren’t these findings and predictions being reported in the media? Another reason is their inherent lack of responsibility, hyperbole, conflict, and overstatement of future events. What would be the consequences of a mass panic in an entire sector of the population? Where would they go, or more accurately, where could they go, if the results were enormous movements out of an afflicted region?

An EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) from a sun flare or a neutron bomb detonated 30-40 miles above the US on either the east or west coast has the capacity of eradicating over two-thirds of this nations population. Most people in the United States are unfamiliar with EMPs until the grid goes down, at which point they are left in darkness for months or even years. An EMP attack can also harm a wide range of technology, including cell phones, computers, automobiles, airplanes, trains, boats, and other modes of transportation. It’s nice to be able to ride in the horse-drawn carriage once again.

The important thing is that you are able to decode these messages, which I have supplied so far as sufficient to destroy civilization as we know it, and yet I have not mentioned the approaching collapse of our dollar and economy, civil strife or World War III, a major epidemic or terrorist assault.

How many more possibilities need I mentioned before I sound like a Doomsday profit or Fear Porn Purveyor or Monger. O, fine, pick just one! Consider another simple one: “Do I have enough food to get me through at least one month?” Do you think the grocery store will have any food left after a major catastrophe has passed? Will you be able to survive for two or three months if the disaster is long-lasting? What if your surviving relatives are unwilling to help you, but they have a lot of wealth? How do you preserve what you have from looters and others who want to do you harm in order to get what you have? How long will the food you have in your pantry now last? Is it water? What happens if the water from your taps stops running? Your plants are drought resistant and will survive without water for three to four days.

Is it feasible for you to figure out how long you’ll need to save up enough food to last three years if you only had one or two weeks? That is precisely why I’m writing this post to show you how to accomplish it.

You may store plenty of nutritious food in a five-gallon food bucket for just $109.00 and a seven-quart air-tight, water-tight lid, enough to feed two people per day with 50 lbs of long grain rice and 45 lbs of Pinto beans. (From Costco or other warehouse store or food club). All you’ll need now is pots and a campfire to cook on, or a Solar Sun Oven and utensils. Finally, either water or a device that purifies polluted water

So you don’t get tired of plain beans and rice, make a large stock of spices and canned tuna, chicken, beef, spam, etc. to add more protein and variety to your bean-and-rice dishes.

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