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The Sacred Order, 4 Basic Survival Skills

In today’s world, with the collapsing economy and unchecked pollution across our planet, the threat of GMO’s taking over our food supply, and many other threats to our safety, I feel I should share some very basic skills for survival. You never know when these skills may come in handy.

The most essential thing to know is the Sacred Order of survival. The holy order of survival is as follows: shelter, water, fire, and food. Know this because when you find yourself in a survival scenario, the most important thing to focus on is conserving your energy and resources. YOU, in fact, represent the most significant hazard to your survival. The most frequent causes of death in a survival scenario are as follows: they don’t do the one thing that will preserve their lives; they don’t think. If you know the Sacred Order, your thoughts can be beneficial and you may concentrate on what you need to accomplish first. Remember, in a survival situation, panic is usually fatal.

The most typical cause of death in a survival scenario is hypothermia, which is why the first in the Sacred Order. The sort of shelter you’ll require is determined by the terrain, climate, season, and what materials or resources are accessible. A lean-to or debris hut may be all you need to keep warm and dry in a wooded region during the summer months. However, if it is winter and snowing, you’ll need something considerably warmer. You can also create a snow shelter or a tiny cave. Snow is an excellent insulator.

After you’ve finished constructing your shelter, the next step is to consider a drinking water source. Because you can only survive a few days without water, it comes in second in the Sacred Order. This is the place where you’ll need to use your imagination! What resources do you have with you and what’s available in the terrain will determine how you get water. If you don’t have access to running water, gather dew off the plants and trees with an absorbent cloth (bandana, T-shirt, etc.) then suck the moisture out of it with your mouth. Never eat snow unless you can melt it first! Eating snow lowers your body temperature, which can cause hypothermia.

The next element in the sacred order is fire. Having a lighter or matches on you is quite useful, but if you don’t have one, learn how to make and use a bow drill or hand drill to start fire. To produce a bow or hand drill, you must have expertise and plenty of repetition. I recommend you practice this at home so that if you find yourself in a survival scenario, you’ll already be well-versed. You’ll need to know what things to gather for your bow drill, what kinds of wood will work, how to put it together, and how to utilize it. You’ll need to know what materials you’ll need for a tinder bundle, as well as how to maintain your fire going. Tinder fibers should be dry and light in weight. Tinder may be made with dry leaves, grasses, or shredded dried cedar bark. Make sure you’ve gathered all of your kindling and firewood before lighting your tinder bundle.

It’s now time to think about food since you have your shelter, water, and fire. The goods on hand are determined by the region and season. Humans can go several weeks without food, yet it is useful to be aware of some wild edibles. Cattails might be eaten. The tender young shoots can be served like asparagus, and the corms are delicious when grilled or baked. Pine needles, when ingested, are high in vitamin C and may be used to brew a tea. The inner bark of the pine tree may be scraped, dried, and used to make a type of bread. All grasses and grass seeds found in North America are edible. Grasses can be cooked and then eaten as a hot cereal. No, it won’t taste like anything you’re used to, but it will keep you alive! There are several poisonous plants in the area. Never consume anything that you aren’t sure about.

The following are the bare essentials that may keep you alive in a survival scenario. I suggest learning more advanced abilities such as setting traps, running a trap line, constructing fish traps, making simple tools and rope, preparing cooking and eating utensils in utility containers, tanning hides, creating clothes, and building sophisticated shelters.

In my experience, the most essential skill is to have a spiritual link with our Earth Mother. I’ve always discovered that when I sit still and ask her a question, she will reveal what I need to know to me. Make a point of learning her voice and how to interact with her, not just surviving.

It’s critical to master and rehearse them before you need them. You can significantly improve your ability to survive if you remember to think rather than panic, follow the Sacred Order, seek shelter, drink water, cook food.

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