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Off Grid Solar Power Generator For Backup And Everyday Use

I designed my system primarily as a backup system in case the grid goes down long term. I just happen to run it every day, weather permitting, to help lower my electric bill. When I originally started searching for “solar generator” I would mostly see portable type units. I wanted something like the compact portable units but wanted more power so it could also run my critical loads everyday, yet be fully charged by the time the sun goes down. I call it a generator for a couple reasons. It does not power the entire house, everything is compact and in the house, and it’s a little like a hybrid between the typical solar generator and the typical off grid system used everyday. I keep it 100% charged everyday by the time the sun goes down by manually regulating the loads when there is bad weather out. I act like a human transfer switch by managing it, or I shut it down to keep it at 100% for backup. If it is sunny out, I do nothing…it runs everything I want without having to be a human transfer switch. The batteries in many whole house larger off grid systems are either kept full by being tied to the grid or by the use of a fuel generator. One of the reasons I do not use a transfer switch is because I want solar AND utility power available in each room… For example, the fridge stays on solar but sometime I want to run the microwave on utility. With a switch, the entire outlet would have to be one or the other.

4 Fullriver 6V batteries
Cotek 12 volt 2000 watt inverter
Whizbang Jr.
Midnite Classic 150 controller
6 275 watt Solar World panels
Midnite battery enclosure
Midnite battery disconnect box
Midnite combiner box
lightning suppressor
Homeline Load Panel

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