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 Everyone makes mistakes. We typically need to fail multiple times before succeeding at anything. I'll cover some of the top mistakes I see folks making in the preparedness community, including myself. Video From: Practical Preparedness

 This is a list of things I do everyday to stay in tip top condition so that I can overcome whatever surprises the day has in store. Video From:.

 Looking for a safe, inexpensive way to keep warm and cook your food during an emergency? This little terracotta pot heater/cooker just might be the answer. The fuel is inexpensive and safe to store indoors in reasonable quantities. In this video, we share how...

 When disaster strikes, will your pets be ready? In this video, we'll discuss simple steps you can take now to ensure your pet's safety. Video From: City Prepping

 In this video series on growing vegetables in your apartment, we'll discuss the 3 rules you must obey before planting a single seed. Video From: City Prepping

 I designed my system primarily as a backup system in case the grid goes down long term. I just happen to run it every day, weather permitting, to help lower my electric bill. When I originally started searching for "solar generator" I would mostly...
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