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Crisis Preparedness

 You can't take everything with you when you go. Let's talk about the first item everybody should look to build or acquire on their preparedness journey, and what to look for whether you decide to make it yourself or buy. Video From: Practical Preparedness
 Here we have a super simple DIY heat and cook source that anyone can build, is refillable, relightable, portable, and storable. Oh, and it only takes minutes to build with most of the items you can find around the house. Always have a CO...

 I’m going to cover items that would become VERY useful in an Emergency or SHTF Scenario. It’s important to cover a broad range of topics with these videos, because.

 Where is the best place to live if SHTF? where is the best Bug out location? Where is the best place to put a homestead? where is the best.

 Do you have these delusions about prepping, survival and emergency preparedness? In this video we go over some coming miscalculations that we make in our evolution as preparedness minded individuals. Video From: Canadian Prepper
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