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Why Every Prepper Must Have These Two Precious Metals

So, do you believe you’re ready? Perhaps you’re currently prepping. You’ve considered food, water, security, housing, medical supplies, communication… Everything else. Have you paid any attention to money? If you’ve already prepared and evaluated your choices, great job! Is it working properly?

Gold Silver

I’m talking about the ability to exchange currencies in an economic crisis or a currency collapse. To summarize, how are you going to get these items?

The answer is simple: accumulate gold and silver as an essential element of your prepping strategy. There are numerous additional benefits, including (but not limited to) wealth preservation (or creation), currency fluctuation protection, and inflation hedge. Everyone can benefit from using silver or gold, but preppers will appreciate it the most.

When you’re creating your portfolio, this is how it works once you’re in a pinch… You use your bullion to make modest purchases such as food and gas.

Investing in gold and silver for preppers is different from the kind of investing that many others are conducting for other reasons. There are two elements that set us apart as preppers and that we must consider while purchasing for prepping…

Point 1: As a safeguard, we want to make sure we have identifiable bullion in a variety of denominations that may be utilized for the various pricing points of goods. When I talk about verifiable, I’m referring to bullion that other people would recognize as genuine and can readily comprehend the worth of. For example, coins are typically a good option, although gold nuggets or ingots are generally not. Both gold and silver should be in your portfolio since they can be used for larger expenditures (and take up little storage space), whereas silver may be utilized for tiny purchases easily.

Point 2: We must find and store our bullion in a clever, secure, and simple manner. It should go without saying that all preppers must have actual gold and silver (which, by the way, I believe every buyer should have), but it may not be as clear how to keep it safe. If you have a lot of items to store, it’s worth considering the additional space that these options and choices might provide.

This article’s information is essential! To summarize, the importance of bullion cannot be overstated: we need bullion that can be recognized by others as real and genuine, with small enough denominations to buy low-cost goods (such as bread) and larger values to easily execute a bigger transaction (for example, a horse). Last but not least, we must make certain that we have a secure and readily accessible location to store our gold and silver so that we may access it in case of an emergency.

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