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Build DIY 5-Gallon Berkey Water Purification System

This video shows you how to build your own 5-Gallon Berkey-style water purification system. This setup can also be used to install other types of filters too.

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PLEASE ENSURE YOU INVEST IN FOOD GRADE BUCKETS. You can also build this with stainless steel pots with the right equipment, as all plastic will break down over time, especially if left in the sun.

1 Black Berkey Filter will filter 3,000 gallons of water. Add 2 to your setup, double the filtering timeline to 6,000 gallons of water before the filters have to be replaced, assuming reasonably clear water is used.

*If you choose to use a plastic bucket, just make sure they are Food Grade Type 1,2,4,5 HDPE or PET/PETE!*

If you do not have running faucet water you’ll need to Prime the filter with pressurized water another way before use. If for emergency, prime ahead of time, as in the day you build the unit.

Video From: Practical Preparedness

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