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How Do Successful Leaders Recognize Survival?

Did you know that the same abilities required for successful leadership are also utilized in Survival Situations? The term “survival” is a mnemonic device used by the U.S. military to assist its troops and leaders recall right actions under fire. Visionary Leadership:

*S: Size up the Situation*. Before taking action, survivalists conduct a visual survey of their surroundings. Today’s successful leaders must follow suit. Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many recently promoted executives eager to demonstrate their value make adjustments without first conducting a thorough business/organizational study.

The result: Damages to the company’s image, goodwill, business relationships, and finances. Always conduct an Intel, before offering advice or direction.

*U: *Undue Haste Makes Waste:*One additional rule regarding crisis situations is included in the M in this edition of the series. Did you know that a furious or passionate person’s I.Q. is reduced by half? How many bosses can afford to lose that much cognitive capacity in their decision-making?

Rule of thumb: While you’re under pressure or on fire, don’t make a business decision. This includes speaking to your staff when you’re tense or being criticized.

*R: Remember where you are: *Always double-check that your decisions and actions are in keeping with your company’s mission statements, values, and main business objectives. Consider carefully on a daily basis.

“Does this activity best contribute to the organization’s overall mission and long-term goals?” If it’s no, reconsider the assignment. It takes willpower for a leader to stick to track and avoid getting lost in the jungle. Remember, the easiest way to be discovered in the woods is not to get lost in the first place.

Clear objectives and a clear vision are essential.

*V: Vanquish Fear and Panic: *A running animal is an easy target. Do you have bosses or managers who run around the office making everyone crazy? Do they seem like a leader who is cool and collected in the face of adversity? I am confident that you will agree with me. Here’s a quick communication guideline to boost your leadership credibility rating. People who talk slowly and take 2 to 3 seconds to respond are regarded as much more trustworthy. * *”Use the power of the pause to your advantage,” says one ad. If you find yourself chopping people off in the middle of a sentence or rushing about frantically in response to stress, both are indications that you should take a step back and pause!

*I: Improvise: *Are you more concerned with finding a solution or focusing on the problem? Today’s successful leaders recognize that they will never have the perfect world, so they become known as the McGuivers in their company.

The issue is: are you a Go-To or a Run-From Leader? Every problem that a leader needs to solve is addressed by Herrick, who serves as a go-to expert. A Run- There is an ongoing complaint about a lack of resources from the leader. You must decide which category your company would place you in.

*V: Value Living: *I’ve met some incredible individuals who, sadly, are terrible managers because they know nothing about the individuals around them who make things happen. Employees will respect your company and its mission if you care about their lives.

*A*: *Act Like the Natives: *Recognize that empathy and finding common ground with customers, employees, colleagues and upper management are the key to your survival. Coming in like a tourist, telling the natives what you do in their country won’t win you points in any camp.

*L: Learn Something New*—–Every day! Today’s successful leader must be an information and learning machine. Stay up on the latest industry standards, new consumer trends, and rivals, as well as basic TV shows.

The ability to adapt to a changing world is the key to your survival. Have you ever met someone who reminisces about the past?

Most likely, you haven’t kept reading this far! That’s because Leadership Survivors are a rare breed.

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