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Do You Need a Ham Radio for Emergencies? Do You Need a License to Use a Ham Radio?

I explain why buying a ham radio should be near the top of your “to do list” if you want to be prepared for communications in an emergency, and I show you our radios. I also talk about if you need a license to transmit during an emergency.

Check out my grandfather’s ham radio shack at the end of my video, in case you missed it.

I think it is important to have a license even if you intend to only use the radio in an emergency, and I explain why.

Here is the law I was talking about regarding transmitting without a license in an emergency (Not sure if it’s a law. It may be an FCC rule):

97.403 Safety of life and protection of property:

“No provision of these rules prevents the use by an amateur station of any means of radiocommunication at its disposal to provide essential communication needs in connection with the immediate safety of human life and immediate protection of property when normal communication systems are not available.”


Video From: PreppingOver50

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